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Meet the Millenials: The Tourist to Change it All 09/06/2018

Meet the Millennials:  The Tourists to Change it All - Barbara Wold  
Millennials (the 21-34 age group) are changing travel for the better by searching for real experiences.  They want to see the world and discover what is in their own backyard.  Understand them and get to know them.  Millennial travel habits and online activity is changing the face of the travel, tourism and hospitality as a whole.

Baby boomer marketing doesn't work on millennials. They require a totally different conversation.  We have to set up our game.  Millennials are ready to travel.

Multi Generational Travellers--Are You Adapting? 09/06/2018

Bring everyone along for the ride.  From grandparents to grandkids, families today are jet setting together.  Forget leaving the kids at home or telling your parents you'll see them next Thanksgiving.  Today, more extended families are taking trips together.  In fact, travel agents report that 35% of clients take multi-generational trips once a year.  So what is behind this growing trend of families jet-setting together?

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