Human Resources and Education Committee
Works with members’ human resources representatives in issues such as salaries, benefits and the latest labor law legislation. Creates programs to improve professionalism in the tourism work force, particularly through the organization of seminars and through its relationship with educational institutions.

The Committee’s projects include, among others:
  • Annual Salaries & Benefits Survey
  • Six Keys for Top-Notch Service Certification
  • Service Professional Certification
Most of the seminars and certifications are offered free or at a very low cost to members. 
Six Keys for Top-Notch Service Certification
This 20-hour workshop, divided into two and a half days, was created to promote top-notch customer service skills among service providers in Puerto Rico’s hospitality industry.  This, in turn, positively contributes both to an individual’s advancement and to the island’s standing as a welcoming world-class destination.
Service Professional
Offers the basic tools and skills to service providers in the Food and Beverage industry, including bartenders.  Attendees learn the characteristics of quality service, identify the particular needs of the customer, learn the different styles of classic service, enology and menus.  It also stresses the importance of the connection between the waiter and the kitchen.