From the President & CEO

As our Association grows, so does the variety of services and offerings available to our members. We are proud to bring you a robust website that encompasses our objectives and aims to provide you with the tools necessary to thrive as a contributor to Puerto Rico's prosperity.

With enhanced features, email newsletters and a constant roster of updated information, our website represents Puerto Rico's tourism and hospitality industry: vibrant and dynamic, yet never a finished product.

We want you, our valued members, to be the catalysts for change and progress on the island. I encourage you to become involved in our industry's future by playing an active role in our Association. Your voice shapes the way in which PRHTA represents you.

Clarisa Jiménez

P.S. If you're not a member yet, check out to learn about our many benefits, and contact us so we can guide you to a fruitful collaboration with Puerto Rico’s premier hospitality organization.